How To Easily Change Language On Spotify: Step-By-Step Guide




To change the language on Spotify, go to the app’s settings and select “Language”. In this menu, choose the desired language option.

Are you looking to change the language on Spotify? Whether you prefer to navigate the app in a language other than the default, or you’re learning a new language and want to immerse yourself through music, Spotify offers a simple way to switch languages.

By following a few quick steps in the app’s settings, you can easily change the language to your preference. We will guide you through the process of changing the language on Spotify, allowing you to enjoy your music in the language of your choice. So let’s dive right in and get started!

Why Change Your Language On Spotify?

Changing the language on Spotify can greatly enhance your music streaming experience. By adjusting the language settings, you have the opportunity to connect with international audiences and explore diverse music and cultures. It allows you to easily navigate the app and understand the different options available to you.

Listening to music in a language you are familiar with can make it easier to discover new artists and understand the lyrics of songs. It opens up a whole new world of music that you may not have been exposed to before.

Additionally, changing the language on Spotify can help you connect with international audiences. If you are an artist looking to reach listeners from different countries, having your profile and music available in multiple languages can make it easier for fans to find and enjoy your music.

So, whether you want to enhance your Spotify experience or connect with international audiences, changing the language settings on Spotify is a simple yet impactful way to broaden your horizons in the world of music.

Step 1: Navigating To Settings

To change the language on Spotify, you need to access your account settings. Here’s how:

  • Open Spotify.
  • Click on the down arrow next to your profile picture.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Settings”.
  • Scroll down until you find the “Language” option.

Accessing your Spotify account settings

Once you are in the “Settings” section, you can modify various preferences, including the language:

  1. Locate the “Language” option.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the current language selection.
  3. A list of available languages will appear.
  4. Select your preferred language from the list.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the language on Spotify.

Step 2: Selecting Your Desired Language

To change the language on Spotify, you need to follow a few simple steps. After logging into your Spotify account, go to the Account Overview page. Under the Profile section, click on the “Edit Profile” button. This will direct you to the Profile Settings page.

In the Profile Settings page, scroll down to the “Language” section. Here, you will find a drop-down menu with a list of available languages. Take your time scrolling through the available language options and carefully evaluate each one. It’s important to choose the language that best suits you. Once you have made your decision, select the desired language from the drop-down menu.

If you wish to change the language of the Spotify app on your mobile device, you can do so by going to the settings within the app. Tap on the “Home” tab, then tap on the gear icon to access the settings. Under the “Preferences” section, tap on “Language” and select your desired language from the options provided.

Step 3: Confirming The Change

After making the necessary changes, you need to confirm the language change in order for it to take effect in Spotify. To do this, you simply need to restart the Spotify app. Once the app is restarted, the language preference you selected will be saved and applied throughout the app.

Additional Tips And Considerations

Changing the language on Spotify is a simple process that can enhance your user experience. If you’re experiencing any issues, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve them. First, you can reset your language settings to the default by accessing the app’s settings and selecting the language option. This will revert Spotify back to the language it was initially set to. Additionally, Spotify offers a variety of language options for multilingual users. By accessing the language settings, you can choose a different language that suits your preference. This is particularly useful if you’re a bilingual user or if you want to explore new music in different languages.

If you encounter any issues during this process, it’s important to troubleshoot common problems. Check your internet connection to ensure that it’s stable and working properly. If the issue persists, try restarting the app or reinstalling it to see if that resolves the problem. Occasionally, issues may arise due to temporary glitches or bugs, and taking these steps can often resolve them.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Change Language On Spotify?

How Do I Change The Language On My Spotify App?

To change the language on your Spotify app, follow these steps: Open the app, go to Settings, select Language, and choose your preferred language.

How Do I Change My Spotify Back To English?

To change your Spotify back to English, go to the settings menu. Look for the language option and select English as your preferred language.

How Do I Change My Spotify Language Back To English On My iPhone?

To change Spotify language back to English on your iPhone: 1. Open the Spotify app. 2. Tap on “Home” at the bottom. 3. Tap on “Settings” at the top right. 4. Scroll down and tap on “Language”. 5. Choose “English” from the list, and you’re done!

Does Spotify Have Music In Other Languages?

Yes, Spotify offers music in various languages from around the world. You can explore a wide range of music in different languages on the platform.

How Can I Change The Language On Spotify?

To change the language on Spotify, go to your account settings, select “Language,” and choose your preferred language from the drop-down menu.

Can I Change The Language To My Native Language?

Yes, you can change the language on Spotify to your native language by following the simple steps in the account settings.

Does Changing The Language Affect My Music Library?

No, changing the language on Spotify does not affect your music library. Your saved songs, playlists, and preferences remain the same.

Is It Possible To Change The Language On The Mobile App?

Absolutely! You can easily change the language on the Spotify mobile app by accessing the settings section and selecting your desired language.

Can I Change The Language Back To English?

Yes, you can always change the language on Spotify back to English or any other language of your preference, whenever you like.

Are There Different Language Options Available?

Spotify offers a wide range of language options to cater to users from various regions and backgrounds. You can choose from multiple languages available in the settings.


Changing the language on Spotify is a simple process that allows you to enjoy the app in your preferred language. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can effortlessly switch between languages and enhance your user experience.

Take control of your Spotify settings and explore a whole new world of music in the language that suits you best. Start enjoying your Spotify journey today!

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