How To Get To The Basement Gta 5 Casino?

To get to the basement of the GTA 5 casino, go to the elevator in the back corner of the casino floor. Take the elevator down to the basement and follow the signs to the poker room.

  • Go to the casino in GTA 5
  • Enter the casino and go to the basement
  • Find the entrance to the basement
  • Go down the stairs and enter the basement
  • Find the gambling area and start playing

GTA 5 – Beating The Casino Heist (Silent & Sneaky) $1,750,000

Diamond casino heist walkthrough

The first thing you need to know about the Diamond Casino Heist is that it’s not going to be easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the most difficult heists you’ll ever attempt in GTA Online. But, with a little bit of preparation and a whole lot of skill, you can definitely pull it off.

The first thing you need to do is scope out the casino. This is probably the most important part of the entire heist. You need to know exactly where everything is and how to get in and out without being seen.

The best way to do this is to use the security cameras to your advantage. Once you have a good understanding of the layout, it’s time to start planning your heist. You’ll need to choose a good entry point, figure out how you’re going to get the loot, and make your escape.

This is where things can start to get really tricky, so make sure you take your time and plan everything out carefully. When you’re finally ready to execute your heist, make sure you have a good getaway car ready. The last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic while the cops are right behind you.

With a little bit of preparation and a whole lot of skill, the Diamond Casino Heist can be yours. Just make sure you plan everything out carefully and don’t get caught.

Casino heist gta 5

The Casino Heist is a brand new heist added to GTA Online in The Diamond Casino Heist update. This heist is the most complex and challenging heist added to GTA Online and requires a lot of setup and coordination to complete. In this guide, we’ll give you all the information you need to know to complete the Casino Heist successfully.

Where is the vault in the casino gta 5

The Casino Vault is a special feature in Grand Theft Auto V’s Diamond Casino & Resort. It is a locked room where valuables are stored. The room is located on the first floor of the casino, behind the reception desk.

The Casino Vault can only be accessed by casino staff and security.

Gta 5 casino heist best approach

The Casino Heist is a heist introduced in Grand Theft Auto Online in The Diamond Casino Heist update. It is a freeroam mission in GTA Online. The heist’s setup missions are completed by one to four players.

The heist leader must go to the Post Op Depository to collect the Heist Planning Board. The board contains all the information necessary to plan the heist. The first step is to choose a crew and approach.

The crew must be made up of at least two players. The first player is the heist leader and the second player is the hacker. The other two players are gunmen.

There are three possible approaches to the heist: aggressive, stealth, or tricky. The aggressive approach is the most dangerous. In this approach, the gunmen will storm the casino and try to take down security.

This will result in a lot of gunfire and a higher chance of getting caught. The stealth approach is the opposite of the aggressive approach. In the stealth approach, the gunmen will try to take out security without being seen.

This is the hardest approach to do but it will result in less gunfire and a lower chance of getting caught. The tricky approach is a mix of the two. In the tricky approach, the gunmen will take out security but they will also try to make it look like an accident.

This is the best approach to take if you want to get the most money out of the heist.

how to get to the basement gta 5 casino?


How do I get to the basement big con in Diamond casino heist?

In the Diamond Casino Heist, you can choose to either go the subtle or big con route. If you choose the big con, you’ll need to get to the basement. To do this, you’ll need to first disable the power to the casino.

You can do this by cutting the power to the casino from the fuse box in the back room. Once the power is out, you’ll need to use the maintenance door in the basement to get into the casino. Once you’re in the casino, you’ll need to make your way to the vault.

The vault is located in the back of the casino, behind the security room. To get to the vault, you’ll need to first hack the security terminals in the security room. Once the terminals are hacked, you’ll be able to access the vault.

Once you’re in the vault, you’ll need to crack the vault’s code. The code can be found on one of the whiteboards in the planning room. Once the code is cracked, you’ll be able to open the vault and grab the loot.

Where is the basement in Arcade GTA 5?

In Arcade GTA 5, the basement is located in the back room of the liquor store. To access the basement, go to the liquor store and purchase a drink. Then, go to the back room and down the stairs.

The basement will be on your left.

How do I get to Agatha Baker’s office casino heist?

In order to get to Agatha Baker’s office in the casino heist, you will need to first obtain a keycard from one of the casino security guards. Once you have the keycard, you will be able to access her office by using the elevator in the casino’s lobby.

How do you do the sneaky at the casino heist in GTA 5?

In the casino heist in GTA 5, you will need to be sneaky in order to get the best payout. Here are some tips on how to do the sneaky: 1. Get a good vantage point: You will need to find a good vantage point in order to scope out the casino and plan your heist.

A good vantage point could be a nearby building or a helicopter. 2. Plan your route: Once you have a good vantage point, you will need to plan your route. You will need to take into account the guards, the cameras, and the layout of the casino.

3. Be stealthy: You will need to be stealthy in order to avoid getting caught. This means avoiding guards and cameras, and being quiet when you are inside the casino. 4. Get the right equipment: You will need to make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

This includes things like silenced weapons and night vision goggles. 5. Have a getaway plan: You will need to have a getaway plan in case things go wrong. This includes having a getaway vehicle and a plan for how to get out of the casino undetected.

following these tips will help you succeed in the casino heist in GTA 5.


In order to get to the basement of the GTA 5 casino, players will need to first purchase a penthouse key from the casino concierge. Once they have the key, they can take the elevator down to the basement and follow the signs to the casino’s hidden room. Inside the room, players will find a variety of high-stakes gambling games to participate in.

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